The Food Snob Theory: Living in good taste

As mentioned before, I have a theory that food should taste great and be healthy. There are many claims out there to have found that compromise. Most of those recipes have not wowed me. The healthy food out there claiming to be delicious usually seems to fail my expectations miserably. The first stage I go through is denial. I tell myself that this is edible and enjoyable. The second stage I tweak it to where it is less healthy. Stage three I abandon it altogether and get what I really wanted in overcompensation servings. Other programs can leave you feeling hungry  and unsatisfied. Some may let you eat what you want, but you are left counting everything you eat or drink. Others yet ask you to give up an entire food group…temporarily of course. Once you see how much you loose without that food group, it is tough to stop. It is tough to stop until you cannot stand being without that food (nutrients) any longer. Then you are left with gaining back all you lost and then some. If you are anything like me, you end up worse off. The feeling of failing yet another attempt at weight-loss and healthy eating seems to make you regret the effort and queue the self-shame.


  The great thing about the Food Snob Theory is that there is no sacrifice in taste. I believe in feeding the body and the soul. Food is a way of showing love, creating memories, feeling whole, and simply enjoying life to the fullest. Who wants to spend their life eating bland food? Not me. The true trick is in being creative about how we make our food. Yes, the best option is to cook your own meals the old fashioned way. Guess what? You can do it. Some of you may need to do extra planning ahead. Others may need a confidence boost in the kitchen. As busy and hectic as our lives are, let us remember what is important to us and our future. Time with our family, serving up something special, and health. Without taking time for yourself, how can you take care of others well? I will give you tips to help make you a more confident chef of your kitchen. I am not going to pretend that there are not nights where we grab a bite from somewhere outside my fridge, but moderation is key here. More on that later. 

The truth we need to face is as society gets bigger and demands get higher we need to remember what is important for keeping us going. Health. If you want to live a fuller life of health then you are at the right blog! I have found a perfect balance of enjoying life and being responsible. After all, who isn’t happy about discovering a purchase they made was both exactly what they wanted and on sale! Here you can have your cake and eat it too!

Feel free to email me or post questions you would like answered! 🙂 Until Next time my foodie friends!


One thought on “The Food Snob Theory: Living in good taste

  1. Amy says:

    Haha I love my conversations with myself at the dinner table after making a “healthy meal” it generally goes something like this “Mmm….this is good, I mean it’s not that bad. Okay it’s horrible but atleast it’s half the calories of __________.”. Generally those recipes do not get repeated and the leftovers never get eaten! Help me Tiffany! I can’t wait to see some alternatives! 🙂

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