Holidays Are For More Than Childhood

balloons on clothesline

We are in that time of year where the major holidays have just passed with a few close ahead. The small ones float rather evenly in between. Remember how exciting was it to go to school  around any holiday? There were special crafts, snacks, colorful decorations, and interesting stories. It felt more like recess all day. Once we get to high school and college, the festivities are more rare. It is a shame we grow up and stop celebrating. When did we become too old to have fun? It seems as if doom and gloom is everywhere. We ought to take every chance to celebrate the good and enjoy life.  It makes a bad week a little better when you have something to look forward to. Think about how you feel planning and dreaming of vacation. When holidays come up, it is a chance to take a break from the stresses of life. We can be reminded of the good things life has to offer.

Birthdays are an excellent example! This is a great excuse to splurge on a piece of exquisite cake. It is not just getting older or another year of life. Your birthday is a chance to celebrate accomplishments, reflect on good memories from the past year, and share it with people who care about you. Why wait until someone is gone to celebrate their life? All those wonderful words can be spoken now. You can focus on the blessings and enjoy birthdays again.

Most of us celebrate big holidays, but what about small ones? For example, St. Patrick’s Day is coming up. Have you planned on anything fun? You can easily celebrate by wearing your green, fixing an Irish recipe, and cutting and glittering shamrocks with your family or for yourself and some friends. Holidays big and small remind us of what is important and helps us keep perspective. They brighten your everyday life. Life is more adventurous and exciting when you are reminded to live and that there are things to look forward to. Even if some of those moments are in the future yet, you can celebrate for the day it comes. What is better than finding an excuse to surround yourself with people you care about, sharing good food and memories? That is a simple joy in life. It reminds us of how rich we truly are, even while our finances are not stable. So go and enjoy! Have your cake and eat it too! I will be offering entertaining tips, ideas, and articles to help possibly inspire you to do so.


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