Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 for the WiiU

wiiU Your ShapeThe new Your Shape Fitness Evolved2013 is now available on the Wii U. For those of you who may have tried the Jenny McCarthy version a while back, this is no comparison. This video game is a legitimate workout. As much as I hate to admit it, it really does a fantastic job! When you pair the Ubisoft game with the Wii U features, you get a great marriage! Here is my break down:

1. Enjoyment- If you are going to start and stick with a program of any kind, it needs to be fun! This game has something fun for everyone! Whether you like to dance, want to train to become a Zen master, enjoy martial arts, or learning something new this could be for you! The music is nice and relaxing. You can also enjoy reaping the rewards for your hard work.

2. Fitness Principle: The components of fitness are pretty much all addressed here. Because the game uses the weight information you give in your profile, you get pretty accurate calorie burn calculation. They have a workout for every muscle group in your body. The game includes muscular endurance exercises and not just strength. That was a huge plus to me! The game also includes cardio in many forms, flexibility beyond just yoga, and strength exercises. You can get a tailored plan for whatever fitness level you may be at. This is a great game for getting back into shape, but it may be best if you use it as a regular supplement to other workouts throughout the week. It is a great standalone game, but having interaction with the outdoors and doing other activities helps to keep you active for life.

3. Features: This game has a lot of features! There is an online website you can easily access thanks to the WiiU Gamepad. On the website you can track progress, set challenges for friends, and get inspired. The Miiverse page is also very nice for encouraging fellow sweaters to keep up the good work or to get back on the horse. It is a relatively friendly page. The game itself contains a play mode with 6 boxes to choose from. Here you can checkout scores from friends you add-on Miiverse and send an encouraging click on their newsfeed. I recommend looking here first, as you will quickly fill up the feed post-workout There are also boxes for different workouts, classes, activities, to-do’s, and your program designed for you. In addition the game offers shopping with points earned, profile access, My Fitness Pal, and medals you unlocked. The My Fitness Pal tracks daily caloric expenditure during gameplay and offers recipes.

4. Adherence: I think this game is pretty well equipped for adherence. It has the social aspect, progressive challenges, and variety. Those are main elements of adherence. I would still add more to your total routine than this game, but it definitely has a great base!

5. Gameplay: The Wiimote does a pretty accurate job of reading your motions. Sometimes if you are holding the Wiimote slightly wrong it can cause inaccuracy. The Trainer does an excellent job explaining the movement, but can be kind of late on important details. The time it takes the game to load an activity or to navigate menus can be a real time suck. If you have an hour to work out, you may only get 45 minutes of actual play time. Your heart rate is supposed to stay elevated when exercising, so this pause is also adverse for a steady heart rate for high intensity exercising. You can unlock longer modes to minimize this phenomenon.

6. Drawbacks: The overall drawbacks are pretty obvious. The Wiimote is pretty accurate, but it can be aggravating to get sweaty and for the Wiimote to slip causing a bad score. The pause in game play like I said can be a time suck and lower your heart rate, which is not what you want. The programs designed may not fit a routine you already have. Either adjust alongside or play the workouts you know you need. The dancing on this is definitely sub par! It is not for getting ready to hit any club. It is painful for those who enjoy dancing Just Dance or Dance Central. The personally designed programs workouts never let you know ahead how long or what type of exercise you will be performing. The ever important warm up and cool downs are located in the back of the workout section. This should be easier to access. The warm up is not included in your program. It is so important to warm up and cool down!! Otherwise you risk injury. Lastly, the game does not account for activity outside of the game. Only calories burned in the game are tracked and used for coins.

7. The Positive: The game has a great variety and set of tools. The social aspect is awesome for adherence! Diversity in-game play is nice for keeping on track. They provide extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. The coins and noticing physical changes are great extrinsic, while the encouragement from the trainer is great intrinsic. The Trainer helps you focus on the task at hand which is difficult to do on your own sometimes. The games force you to go slower on moves you should be going slow on, and faster on moves you should be going faster on.

Overall, I love the game. It was a huge step up from the Jenny McCarthy version. Hopefully you will find the fitness tool that works for you. This game has already helped to increase my return to pre-baby shape! I have more muscle tone, flexibility and stamina to run after my toddler and care for my 3 month-old baby. The short sessions will challenge just about every fitness level! If you buy the game and would like advice, feel free to ask me questions and I will try to help make the game as enjoyable as possible! You can email me at for more information.


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