One Step at a Time

sneakers run
On days like today, it is easy to smile. The sun is out and everything seems to feel possible. When you come across a day like today it may be the time to start a new fitness plan. My husband worked for a company that had him do something I found interesting. The task was to make a list of everything you want to do in life that you can think of at the moment and then prioritize them. Once completed, you were to make a separate list of the obstacles keeping you from them. Next to that list you write out ways to overcome or work with the obstacles to make those dreams or goals happen.

So often in life we have dreams that are left in the dust. We had a bad day, things did not work out, or we even found something more important. The last reason is a good and acceptable reason. Life changes and so do our priorities. If you are blessed enough to have people added into your life, it is time to share some dreams and not be selfish. When you put dreams ahead of loved ones, it can be a nightmare instead. Be willing to change your priorities as time goes by. However that is not a license to come up with excuses to not go after your goals.

Instead of finding excuses why you cannot do something, find inspirations of why you can. Starting an exercise program is the topic I am choosing, as it relates to my blog. Everyday that passes something happens to keep you from living a healthier life. Most of us put time at the top of our list. Start small. Make three 10 minute bouts of exercise a goal for starters. Replace one soda with a glass of water. Wear your sneakers out to remind you to do something active. Take your family or girlfriend/boyfriend for a stroll. After making a first step you can see the excuses start to fade. Then you can challenge yourself to do more. Before you know it, you will be the picture of health you envisioned for yourself. It all starts with a small step. As time passes and you find yourself finding reasons to revert, stop and look at the progress and changes you have made. Is it worth going back on? Is it worth the way you felt before? Believe it or not, you can be healthy and live life fuller. It is possible one step at a time!


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