Pinteresting Easter Ideas and Tips

easter decor
We are now on Pinterest. I just pinned my Easter inspiration boards. Check it out. They may inspire you too! I added a few healthful tips to the recipes on the comment box.
There are a few key tips to hosting a great family get-together.
-Serving some family traditional staples along with a few new fitting dishes will help it be a meal to remember.
-Preparing desserts and cutting your vegetables the day before can cut down on stress.
-Double check your recipes and make sure you have enough time to get everything cooked, warmed, and ready for the table.
-It is usually good to have a colorful array of food for Easter.
-Use plastic eggs to share a treat with big kids too (adults). You could put a nice note or memory, recipe, chocolate, or use your imagination to fill the egg. This makes a nice small guesture for guests to take with them.
-Have a few light snacks or appetizers to keep guests happy in case you run a little behind.
-Play some fun music or have a game for the kids to play.
-Maybe even set up a small hunt of your own.
The love and effort you put into the day will show. Your guests also want to enjoy you. They did come to see you after all! I hope you have a fantastic weekend with your family!


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