food=love cupcakeFood to me is a form of communication. A plate of food can say things like, “You are elegant.” “You are worth the effort.” “Will you marry me?”  and sometimes “You are so not worth my time.” The best message food can give is “I love and care about you.” When I cook for people it is my way of showing love.    

Not long ago a friend of mine had a contest on her website  (Amy Wray- Mod City Mag ). I won the Carla Hall autographed cookbook “Cooking with Love.” I eagerly poured through the pages, as I do with any new cookbook. What she had to say about food blew me away. It articulated how I felt about food. She described how comfort food should be like a hug. I was saying “Yes. Exactly,” so many times I lost count. The only piece I would add would be to make it healthy too. I care that it tastes great and doesn’t leave you feeling guilty.

There is only one place I like to go for my birthday cake. It is Bon Bonerie( My favorite flavor is their Chocolate Raspberry Torte. It is one of the best bites to ever enter my mouth. I dream about it until my birthday comes back around. One year a dear friend, Amy Tweedle, knew we were tight and I might not get a cake. At a get together, she surprised me with the best cake ever made! That was love to me! As you can see, Amy’s make great friends!

Moms definitely have a way of doing that too. While pregnant I was working, going to school, and had a year-old son awaiting me when the day was done. I was quite tired. My mom-in-law brought over one of my favorite meals. As I loaded everyone’s plate, I felt my heart taking a big sigh of relief. Another example of motherly love through food is when my mother passed down a cherished recipe from my grandma. I was going through a tough and busy time. Many special and happy moments as a child were in her house smelling her cooking. While mixing the ingredients, it made me feel like Grandma was in the kitchen with me! Moms know just what we need through our tummies sometimes. Who says healing can’t come through food?

I am not saying to eat your emotions through that special flavor of ice cream or to eat a batch of brownies when you are sad. I am simply saying that eating something that soothes the soul can be appropriate. It is about using healthy ingredients and being responsible about portion sizes. Believe me that cake had to be eaten responsibly. However we should not deprive ourselves completely of foods that touch our hearts. Quality and not quantity applies here. Savor and allow the love put into the dish you eat to warm your heart. Whether cooked or purchased, food can bring evidence of how much you care. So share and enjoy the foods that warm your soul and bring love to your table.


One thought on “Food=Love

  1. Amy says:

    Awww I’m touched I made your blog!:) Selfishly I did get to share in that cake.:)lol I do feel the love through your cooking!:)

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