cinched greens

Another reason to eat greens? We all have heard from milk commercials that low-fat milk can shrink your waistline. How is this possible? What does this have to do with greens?

In a study done by the University of Tennessee in 2000, the researchers found that calcium is the key. On a cellular level, calcium can regulate how fat in a fat cell is stored or used. In this study, they used non-fat dry milk. The calcium found in the fat cells caused an inhibition of fat storage by 51%. The more calcium in the diet the more fat the cells burn.

Simply adding more calcium to your diet will not be a quick fix. You need to still choose low-fat options, and incorporate it with an exercise program and sensible eating. Eating a block of high fat cheese will not help you lose weight. A pint of Ben and Jerry’s will not either. Other things to think about are variety in sources and getting the most out of your food. Taking a calcium supplement has been proven not as effective as getting calcium through dietary consumption. You also need to compliment calcium with Vitamin D in order to absorb it better.

The types of foods we choose makes all the difference. Frozen yogurt, low-fat cheese, and greens. Spinach, kale, collards, white beans, navy beans, white button mushrooms, salmon, almonds, and sunshine are things we can add to our day to get these nutrients. One combination you could try is a a spinach salad with salmon, ginger, and almond slivers. You could also make a bean salad with southwestern flares. There are so many options to explore.

I cannot say enough about how valuable it is to color your plate. Nutrients come from variety and freshness. Food cannot be that boring if you keep it vibrant and season your food. Think of how pretty a colorful plate is compared to a plate of pale colors. Local farmer’s markets are a great source for inspiration and freshness. So experiment and enjoy you meals