Liver Cancer Awareness: How to Help

Liver Cancer Awareness: How to Help

Please check out this fabulous event my friend Amy Wray of Mod City Mag is hosting. The proceeds go to raising awareness of liver cancer, a cause close to her heart! The link below provides information on tickets and any possible donations for the silent auction.


Think Again

stop sign

Stop! Stop right there! This is what to tell yourself when the negativity rolls in. Whether you didn’t hit a deadline or even get off the ground, negativity can keep you from getting anywhere. Being honest and realistic with yourself about limitations and goals is fine. When simple honest self evaluations turn into self-destructive thoughts it can wreak havoc on your progress and ability to move forward. Who feels motivated to do anything after a good beating? Brush yourself off and stand again. Here are some tips to keep your mind on the right track and stay motivated:

1) For every honest comment of where you are lacking, think of somewhere in your life where you are doing things well or right. You might not have run all 4 days this week as planned, but maybe you chose to eat better at most meals.

2) Keep track in a journal of the good decisions you have made, until it becomes familiar to you to think positively.

3) Surround yourself with people who encourage you to be your best and recognize when you make progress.

4) Leave positive notes around the house for you to find. Maybe other people in the house will find them encouraging too.

5) Be honest with yourself. Do not use false positives to boost yourself. They are not solid enough to stand on.

6) Use your ambition to motivate you. This includes reminding yourself of what your ultimate goal is. Get reinvigorated about it

7) You do not have to be in a hurry for every goal. We all want to get there, but do it the right way.

8) Forgive yourself when you mess up. See where things went wrong and adjust.

Have you tried any of these tactics? What works for you? Please share so others can gain from your experience!

P90X2 Phase 2 Review


This regimen really pushes you. Many people could honestly stay in this phase of training and continue to see results. Tony Horton continues to provide a challenging atmosphere with modifications for most exercises. You definitely need to feel very comfortable with Phase 1 before attempting to move on here. This phase offers some nice alternate workouts to exchange. Again I did not partake in the Shakeology or supplements. I do not feel it is right for me. I ate how I always eat while training.

I have completed Phase 2 and here are my 60 days stats:

Ending stats of Phase1: Weight: 135 lbs Waist: 29″ Total inches: 162″
Ending Phase 2 Stats: Weight: 134 lbs Waist:28″ Total inches: 160.75″

Results: Lost 1 lb, but noticed a dramatic change in strength and definition. My overall ability to perform functional tasks with ease increased. Got down to a size 6 for the first time!

Phase 2 Workout plan:
Day 1: Chest+Back+Balance &X2 Ab Ripper OR V Sculpt& X2 Ab Ripper
Day2: Plyocide
Day3: Rest OR X2 Recovery + Mobility
Day 4: X2 Shoulders + Arms & X2 Ab Ripper OR X2 Chest +Shoulders +Tris & Ab Ripper
Day5: X2 Yoga
Day6: Base + Back & X2 Ab Ripper
Day7: Rest OR Recovery+ Mobility

What I like about this set up is that it builds in workouts that you have gotten the hang of in the previous phase. The Plyocide and X2 Yoga are back. This helps motivate you to continue and exceed previous performances. It motivates you by unveiling a new routine with some familiarity and you think “Okay I can do this!” The two also provide a base for overall strength and power. Ab Ripper returns like a two-headed monster here. Make sure to plan for the extra 15 minutes if you are tight on time. If you are wondering why you may initially be doing worse at it than in Phase 1, remember you are now performing it 3 times a week instead of one. Once you get used to doing it 3 times a week, you begin to perform better.

The new and ugly routines are fantastic for the results you want. If you are not a Pull up King/Queen at this point no worries. This phase gives you a solid base for becoming one. If that does not sound interesting to you, fret not because there are plenty of other goodies in Tony Horton’s bag. Plyometrics are used outside of Plyocide to boost heart rate and burn those calories. It is a fantastic set of exercises to get you looking your best. Though the numbers do not necessarily reflect a high change, the difference in my appearance was quite noticeable. I was also able to get more done in a day as well. The science of the stretching and general movements are right on to maximize results.

Equipment Needed to Perform:
Again P90X2 does offer versions of exercises without much equipment. These usually still require different band resistances.
-Balance/Stability ball -up to 4 Medicine balls -Chin up and pull up bar -Resistance bands (varied resistances) -Plyobox/ sturdy chair -Hand weights -Yoga mat – Door Hook Anchor for resistance bands – hand towels

– You can also switch up your days to confuse your muscles, as long as you keep similar muscle groups worked a day of rest in between.
-If commentary is getting old or annoying use the menu options to customize your experience. I personally like the silly comments and moments of encouragement.
-If you feel like you did too much, switch up your recovery day as needed. Never be afraid to use the Recovery Week program provided.
-Monitor your body’s signals. Tuning into your body’s signals will help you to safely continue.
-Make sure you contact your doctor for clearance if you have any known heart disease or metabolic diseases. Safety is key!
-Wear court shoes for plyometric exercises.
-Have fun with it. It is your workout and your results!

Overall Rating: 10/10


Eat More!

Eat More!

Are you hitting a plateau in your weight-loss efforts? Eat more! You read me right. Sometimes we plateau because we need more to fuel for our burners. Muscles need proper nutrition to build and burn. This is not an excuse to choose poor nutrition. It is a chance to maximize your gains and effort. You only need to add about a fourth of one regular meal size to get the gains. Adding an extra low calorie snack can be the best way to boost your intake. It probably does not take much, but you can play with it and see what works for you. It really depends on how undernourished you might be. Not eating enough results in your body going into survival mode and slows metabolism, stores fat more readily, and signals Cortisol to be released. No body wants that.


If The Shoe Fits..

If The Shoe Fits..

One shoe does not fit every foot. Neither should any health program. Everyone has different goals, starting points, interests, and availability. Pick and choose from a variety of sources until you find what is right for you. If you can meet with a certified health professional and address these aspects. Once you learn what works for you, it will be easier to stick with it!


Natural Benefits

Natural Benefits

When is the last time you reconnected with nature? Some studies suggest that surrounding yourself with nature increases creativity, reduces anxiety, may increase attention span, boosts immunity, cheers you up, gets you moving, and even gets you a bit of help in problem solving. So make plans to get outside and live!


Balance Brings it Together

Balance Brings it Together

Balance exercises are a great to incorporate in your strength training regimen. You can increase the difficulty of the moves as you progress. Balance exercises engage everything and strengthens the connective tissues. A stability ball or BOSU are excellent pieces of equipment to have for balance training. Otherwise you can use your own body to challenge yourself. You could start with raising a leg or pressing one foot on the balance ball, while doing curls or presses with free weights. Single leg squats or plank with feet elevated are also good moves to slowly add in. A great BOSU exercise is to stand on it and perform basic movements. Whatever you choose, you will need a focal point and a can-do attitude.