A Simple Truth?


Do you think going organic or making healthy choices has to be expensive? Kroger (a local Cincinnati-based grocery chain) has come up with a plan to help you. Kroger launched a store-brand option called “Simple Truth.” They offer a range of products from organic vegetables to canned goods and even eggs. There are some Simple Truth products that are actually not organic, but attempt to offer a healthier option. They do label their products accordingly, but it needs to be more pronounced. The green label can cause a parent, wrangling children throughout a trip, to miss the difference. I do believe the brand offers quality products at a reasonable price. Here are a few tips when shopping for organic:

1. Read the label if you have not used that brand’s product before. You can go online and check out the label before buying. Here is the website for the Simple Truth brand: http://www.simpletruth.com/products/

2. Buy certain items in bulk when they go on sale. This helps you get the most out of the sale. Check out the weekly ads online for details on sales or coupons.

3. Look at the vibrancy of produce. The food should be bright and without signs of going bad. It is not going to look like the cookie-cutter non-organic, but it should still be vibrant.

4. Do not allow yourself to believe that because it is organic it is definitely healthy. You still have to read the labels and understand that macaroni and cheese is still just that. They do offer more fiber, but you still need to evaluate the total caloric intake.

5. Check cans for any dents or signs of tampering.

6. “Natural” does not mean organic. This term is very loosely regulated, so companies tend to throw it around with a pretty package. Peanut butter, however, is a good “natural” choice, if you are going non-organic.

7. Enjoy your food and get the most out of it by cutting fruits and veggies ahead of time to make them easier to access.

Happy eating!


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