Think Again

stop sign

Stop! Stop right there! This is what to tell yourself when the negativity rolls in. Whether you didn’t hit a deadline or even get off the ground, negativity can keep you from getting anywhere. Being honest and realistic with yourself about limitations and goals is fine. When simple honest self evaluations turn into self-destructive thoughts it can wreak havoc on your progress and ability to move forward. Who feels motivated to do anything after a good beating? Brush yourself off and stand again. Here are some tips to keep your mind on the right track and stay motivated:

1) For every honest comment of where you are lacking, think of somewhere in your life where you are doing things well or right. You might not have run all 4 days this week as planned, but maybe you chose to eat better at most meals.

2) Keep track in a journal of the good decisions you have made, until it becomes familiar to you to think positively.

3) Surround yourself with people who encourage you to be your best and recognize when you make progress.

4) Leave positive notes around the house for you to find. Maybe other people in the house will find them encouraging too.

5) Be honest with yourself. Do not use false positives to boost yourself. They are not solid enough to stand on.

6) Use your ambition to motivate you. This includes reminding yourself of what your ultimate goal is. Get reinvigorated about it

7) You do not have to be in a hurry for every goal. We all want to get there, but do it the right way.

8) Forgive yourself when you mess up. See where things went wrong and adjust.

Have you tried any of these tactics? What works for you? Please share so others can gain from your experience!


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