Sleep Much?

Sleep Much?

It is tough to be Mr. and Mrs. Wonderful when you have had trouble getting in your sleep. It is especially difficult in a world where you work long hours and try to balance it with family and friends. Here are some tips and tricks that may help you nod off better tonight. With continued practice it may just improve your whole life and perspective. Sleep is powerful stuff!

– Turn off electronics 1 -2 hours before you need to drift off.

-Build a routine, to let your body know it is time to start drifting off.

-Keep lighting and noise low an hour or two before bed.

-If your mind is racing and you cannot seem to stop the mental hamster, write down all of the things on your mind. This allows you to express those thoughts on paper and maybe even solve a few problems once you see and read it. Then close your eyes and consciously empty your mind. If you are a visual person, imagine you are deleting each thought or putting them in a trash bin.

-Progressive relaxation is an excellent method of telling your body you are ready to snooze. Squeeze your muscles of a particular muscle group as tightly as you can for no longer than 5 seconds and slowly release, as if one muscular fiber at a time. You can star with one group and move on to another group. Do not do this if you have any injuries.

-Yoga practiced an hour before bedtime could also help you get more rest.

-A cup of warm milk has surprisingly helped me in the past. Especially if you find you are a little hungry right before you need to crash.

-Avoid caffeine, chocolate, and any books that send your heart pounding.

-Read a relaxing book that takes you away.

-Take a warm bath before bed with scents of lavender and chamomile.

What works for you? Do you have a secret way to nod off?


2 thoughts on “Sleep Much?

  1. scarlettsands says:

    I have a little bag of lavender that hangs on my bed post. I give it a scrunch to release the scent just before I go to sleep and it sends me right off. Think its the association of that smell and sleep!

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