That Guy…Annoying and Effective?




We all know that annoying guy/gal at the gym who yells or grunts every rep. Maybe you worry about him or maybe you just want to throw something at him. Before you do, you should know he may be on to something. Grunting and yelling out loud has been shown to increase strength and let off steam. That’s right. It is annoying as heck, but it is the tool that can help you power through those tough training moments. Word to the wise (grunters and yellers) for etiquette sake, save it for the last reps or toughest moments. For the skeptical and annoyed, you may want to give it a try. You may just find it works for you. If you are like me and feel completely uncomfortable yelling, bring some ear plugs and do what works for you. Now you can at least appreciate the technique.


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