Confidence in the Kitchen

To gain confidence in the kitchen you first have to get in there, be willing to fail and succeed, and practice! As with anything practice is key. Here are a few tips to practice for your next meal:
1. When trying a new recipe read all of the instructions first: I can’t tell you how many times I have dived into a recipe reading as I go, only to discover a time constraint or an ingredient missing from the ingredient list. Trust me, as elementary as it sounds, read first.

2. Tatse it! : Make sure you are tasting what you are eating. Does it taste good to you? If something is missing, add it. If something seems to be too strong, dillute it or add something of opposite flavor. Too spicy, add mild cheese or reduced fat sour cream.

3. Know your appliances: Appliances are your friend. They cut time and allow for more perfection in consistency when used properly. For instructions on how to make the most of your the manual. If you threw it away, some are available online. Knowing your appliance also means knowing its quirks in some cases. My oven tends to heat hotter and unevenly at times. I adjust the time and rotate my dishes while in oven every so often.

4. Do not be afraid to experiment: You never know what you might come up with on your own! Tweak it until you get it right. Make favorite recipes your own.

5. Laugh: If you make a mistake, do not beat yourself up! Tomorrow is another day! This is key to anything you want to accomplish!!!


One thought on “Confidence in the Kitchen

  1. Amy says:

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing! I have a hard time experimenting! Probably because I do not want to fail it’s nice to know others fail miserably too!:) lol

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